Meet the core team...

We believe that the value of a team should be more than just the simple sum of its members' skills and expertise. Continuous learning and permanent exchange of ideas and experience are a way of life at Salcianu Attorney at Law, allowing us to constantly grow, both as individuals and as a team.


In today’s ever more interconnected world of business law, the borders between one area of law and another are but memories. No legal question can be solved by referring to only one area of law. Instead, a multidisciplinary approach is required.


Nevertheless, this does not diminish the need for specialists, mastering in detail one or several practice areas. Combining the resources of several professionals and making sure that these professionals constantly strive to expend their individual knowledge are the two key factors that make the difference between a team of attorneys and a group of attorneys.


It is with these thoughts that we present to you in this section the key members of our law practice, each of them highly specialised in one or several areas of law. Their efforts are constantly supported by the other members of our law practice in order to ensure that the end result, the advice provided to the client, is always top class.

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  Loredana Salcianu

Associated Attorneys at Law
  Irina Amarghioalei
  Lucian Nedrita

Attorneys at Law

Our Managing Partner and the Associated Attorneys at Law are supported by a team of experienced attorneys at law. Our attorneys at law acquired significant professional experience and handled a wide variety of sophisticated transactions covering legal and regulatory issues, project finance, mergers and acquisitions, privatizations, joint-ventures and corporate restructuring projects.Our attorneys have gained a wide reputation in handling complex commercial negotiation and coordinating numerous industry projects (such as heavy industry, medical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as food and other consumer products sector) including green field projects.